20 Perfect Haircuts for Thick Hair That Fresh Summer Looks


Perfect Haircuts for Thick Hair To Get Fresh Summer Look: It is well known, that when you have fine hair you do everything to thicken it, and when you have thick hair you only want one thing, it is to tame it. But how do we tame them, our thick hair? Hair responses and inspirations with Sylver Boll, director of training Franck Provost. Have a look at beautiful and elegant Haircuts for Thick Hair for modern girls.


When girls with fine hair redouble their tricks to have thicker hair, those who have a beautiful thick mop have only one word in their mouth: too thin, at least, to tame the volume.

Never happy? Perhaps, but the fact remains that the risk of the helmet effect is never far away when considering a cut on thick hair. What cut should you adopt to give movement to your thick hair?

What Short Haircut On Thick Hair?

A priori, a short cut, and thick hair give an indomitable tuft erect high on the head. It’s no way, what, right?

Well no! Just follow this advice. Unless you have afro hair, in which case the well-rounded afro cut will delight you, we avoid cutting in the bowl, the very plunging short bob, or any other “ball” cut that will give the hair an even more voluminous appearance, even more swollen.

On thick hair, we opt for the very short, almost shaved, or a boyish cut degraded on the ears, very feminine.

Thick Hair: The Bob Cut, Yes, But Degraded!

If the short is suitable for thick hair, however, avoid intermediate lengths that will increase the volume instead of breaking it. The square runs just under the ears, it’s not for example.

On thick hair, we choose the irresistible and timeless degraded square that starts at least in the maxilla or in the middle of the neck. And if we prefer the long square, especially, we make it degraded or tapered on the tips to avoid the Playmobil effect and to reign fluidity.

We are inspired by the long square by Cara Delevingne or the wavy square by Emilia Clarke.

Long Haircuts For Thick Hair, With Or Without Bangs?

The longer the hair, the heavier its weight. Result: hair that falls well under the shoulders and that swells less, even if it is thick. The advantage then is that all long cuts are allowed, degraded as straight, curly as smooth.

To twist your mermaid’s hair, you can even afford bangs on thick hair. The ideal is to opt for a curtain fringe or a long and tapered fringe, which gives structure to the entire cut.

And if you are neither short nor long, a mid-long cut is possible but in a degraded version. If the straight mid-length seals the hair, a slight gradient on the front strands is enough to make a mid-length cut airier.

Thicken Hair, Good Idea?

Once the geometry of the cut has been chosen, you can still thicken your hair, straighten it or opt for the undercut.

When we thicken, we remove the density (using a sculptor). Ditto for thinning, which allows, in finishing, to reduce the thickness of the hair.

Undercut, on the other hand, is an avant-garde technique practiced by some hairdressers and consists of cutting very short (barely 0.5 cm) strands of hair under the mass. We voluntarily remove mass for a much less dense rendering.

Thanks to Sylver Boll, director of training Franck Provost, for his advice. Choose your favorite haircut from our selection of 20 haircuts for thick hair!

1. Haircut For Thick Hair: A Degraded Square On The Tips


2. Haircut For Thick Hair: An Afro Cut


3. Haircut For Thick Hair: A Boyish Cut


4. Haircut For Thick Hair: The Long Tapered Square By Cara Delavigne


5. Haircut For Thick Hair: A Very Short Haircut


6. Haircut For Thick Hair: Curtain Bangs


7. Haircut For Thick Hair: The Short Degraded Square By Eva Mendes


8. Haircut For Thick Hair: A Long Plunging Square


9. Haircut For Thick Hair: A Long Straight Haircut


10. Haircut For Thick Hair: A Medium-Length Layered Haircut


11. Haircut For Thick Hair: Emilia Clarke’s Short Tapered Square


12. Haircut For Thick Hair: Tapered Bangs


13. Haircut For Thick Hair: A Mid-Length Gradient With Curtain Bangs


14. Haircut For Thick Hair: A Semi-Long Retro Gradient


15. Haircut For Thick Hair: The Short Wavy Square From Arizona Muse


16. Haircut For Thick Hair: A Long Wavy Gradient


17. Haircut For Thick Hair: The Short Degraded Haircut On Kate Mara’s Ears


18. Haircut For Thick Hair: Curly Hair With Assumed Volume


19. Haircut For Thick Hair: Medium Straight Haircut Degraded On The Front


20. Haircut For Thick Hair: Degraded Lengths