15+ Best Kurti Neck Designs 2024 That Looks Stylish


No other dress includes convenience, relaxation, and style such as a Kurti. In any celebration, you could make a captivating outfit by combining simple Kurti neck designs with obligation gadgets For those people who are in a price range, Kurtis is often the most affordable and stylish as well. No speculation they may be present in any Indian woman’s attire.


Even so, choices to make, we often find it hard to choose the most complementing neck designs or the perfect designs or fabrics for our Kurtis. To assist you focus the options, we now have crafted a set of 17 most styling latest Kurti neck designs with ideas on which neck designs work for distinct face styles and body figures.

Kurti Neck Designs

1. Round Neck Kurti Designs

The most famous option for Kurti neck designs, the round neckline is usually a fantastic choice for a daily look. It is also widely complementing and intensely flexible. Often combined having a vibrant dupatta or stole, a round neck Kurti could be dressed up or down based on the celebration. In the film ‘Two States’, Alia Bhatt takes off this neckline with amazing ease and sophistication. A round neck is excellent for those face styles and body forms, which describes its reputation among Indian women.



2. Scoop Neck Kurti Designs

Though pretty like the round neck design, a details neckline is broader and further that helps highlight your collar bone and produces the impression of a slimmer figure. In the image, Priyanka Chopra can be seen using an Anarkali style Kurti in a modest pink tone providing an ideal feeling of style. According to the size of the scoop, it makes you look higher which is an advantage for women with short sizes. It is particularly complementing for round and rectangular face shapes.


Stylish patiyala style short kurtis and classy Anarkali-style kurtis are included in this collection. For Anarkali style Kurtis having a scoop neckline, chiffon georgette, and also crepe work nicely. When the length of the Kurti is short, it is better to choose cotton or chiffon fabrics.

3. Stunning Boat Kurti Neck Designs

Also called the queen neckline, the boat-shaped neckline sits nearer to your neck than a round neckline and operates perfectly between collar bones. It might be as broad as a scoop neck or narrow based on preferences. The style displays a modern Kurti designs with a vintage boat neck design in a floor-length red Kurti.


This particular neckline pulls the attention to the jawline. Therefore it may be complementing for women having a diamond or even heart-shaped face. It may balance your waistline and draw focus woman’s shoulders. Long maxi outfit style Kurtis, straight, layered designs short Kurtis in is set.


4. Beautiful Kurti Neck Designs

As the title indicates, the beautiful neckline types a heart shape round the front neck and is generally served with a high back. Within the image, Vidya Balan is wearing a maroon Kurti having a complementary sweetheart neckline combined with blue embellished palazzos.


The neckline might be incredibly complementary for square or rectangular face styles because it softens the jawline. For pear-shaped women, this kind of neckline acts to deemphasize the decreased body and focus on the neck and shoulder area. Short A-line Kurtis, festive wear Kurtis, and long straight Kurtis are also integral parts of the collection.

5. Elegant Square Kurti Neck Designs

Another of the extremely well-known necklines, the square-shaped neckline is an excellent option not just for Kurtis but also for saree and lehenga blouses. The neckline is as heavy as the U-shape but is substantially broader.


This neck design highlights heart-shaped and round faces. Because it pulls focus on the upper part of the body, it’s rather an excellent option for pear-shaped body forms. Long sleeves for small and moderate lengths and sleeveless for long Kurtis. Wide-legged bottoms work nicely for short and medium-length Kurtis and trousers or leggings go completely with shorter lengths.

6. Classy Wrap Kurti Neck Designs

Much more widely called the ‘Angrakha’ neckline, the cover neck derives its heritage from the Mughal Era. An ‘Angrakha’ was initially a court attire that might be covered around the body with a thread tied at the edges. In India, this style has acquired recognition during the last few years, particularly with Anarkali style kurtas. Bollywood celebs are often viewed wearing this neckline at honor displays and advertising occasions.


This neckline makes a slimming impact and fills any difficult areas while accentuating the top of the waist. Women with hourglass and apple-shaped figures can stone this style. This also can be useful for oblong and triangular face designs. Anarkali Kurtis, short tunics

7. Gorgeous Standard Collar Kurti Neck Designs

For any casual look, a Kurti having a normal shirt collar neck works well. This neckline is particularly well-liked by college-going women as it can be combined with jeans or tights. Collar neck Kurtis is often put on at the office or on conventional occasions as the neckline requires minimum accessorization.


Women who come with an hourglass or pear-shaped body can simply accomplish the normal collar neckline. It appears good on all face designs. Tunics, long Kurtis with high side slits or front slit

8. Attractive Mandarin Collar Kurti Designs

The term ‘Mandar’ indicates ‘to command’. This collar style was initially utilized by Chinese bureaucrats within their official dresses. This collar is a unique attribute of the Nehru jacket, which is a favorite among Indian men. Just like the normal collar, in the Mandarin collar, the fabric circles the neck however generally leaves a niche from the front. Inside the image you can view the Mandarin collar neck design in the elegant festive dress worn by Kareena Kapoor. Another picture indicates the casual maroon Mandarin collar Kurti.


The neckline could make you appear higher and slimmer. It might be excellent for round and square face styles. The neckline is excellent to set up for an easy but advanced appearance. Long straight Kurtis, button-down kurtas with long sleeves

9. Eye-Catching Keyhole Kurti Neck Designs

This kind of neckline features a key-shaped starting in the bottom area of the front neck. This neckline has been a strike among Bollywood superstars within the last few years. The reason for its reputation may be the attractive appeal it adds even to the most basic dresses. The size and form of the keyhole can differ based on your choice. This specific style usually will go well with a round or U-shaped neckline and long sleeves. Inside the image under, the model is wearing an easy white Kurti having a keyhole neckline.


Small and slim structures can both highlight their decolletage with this particular neckline. It is especially perfect for angular jawlines generally present in square and rectangular face designs. Tail cut, asymmetric Kurtis along with long sleeves, straight Kurtis, tunics


10. Mind Blowing Cold Shoulder Kurti Neck Designs

Hugely famous throughout the 80s, the chilly shoulder created a comeback on runways in 2015 in India. Its reputation has only grown after that. It isn’t a neck design inside a specialized feeling however it is so popular in Kurtis that people needed to contain it in the collection. The ‘cold shoulder’ appears on the top part of the sleeve that is cut out to expose part of your top arm or shoulder to each side. At first, a well-liked option in tops and dresses, the cold shoulder trend required the ethnic wear universe by thunderstorm also.


Cold shoulder Kurtis is slimmer in most body kinds and face shapes. This design provides the optical illusion of a well-balanced figure while smoothing more than any difficult places you may have. Often offered with a higher round or boat neck, cold shoulder Kurtis could be short, long, or asymmetrical.

11. Chic Off-shoulder Kurti Neck Designs

If you need to test a contemporary avatar of the traditional Kurti, you have to attempt an off-shoulder Kurti. A variance of the cold shoulder style, this kind of Kurti neck design could be an enjoyable difference from the standard Kurti necklines. Off-shoulder tops happen to be the trend within the last 2 years. From bohemian to stylish you can see all kinds of cutting-edge mixtures of sleeves along with off-shoulder Kurtis. You can even choose a short Kurti having a cold shoulder for a stylish university appearance. Although these will not be everyone’s cup of tea, they may be combined smartly to create a declaration. In the image below, you can observe this neckline might be dressed up or down for each casual and party wear Kurti appears.


Off-shoulder can be difficult to pull off in case you have an apple shape and wide shoulders. For bottom-heavy women, this style can assist in handling the upper body. By attracting focus toward the face, this neckline can assist in focusing on your best attributes and therefore highlight all face shapes. Indo-western cuts, straight or even A-line styles

12. Smart High Neck Kurti Design

Almost nothing talks about beauty such as a high-neck Kurti. This neckline not only makes a slim figure, but this also has a lengthening influence on your body. In certain high neck designs for Kurtis, the neckline is adorned to include a little bling to your costume. Without even accessories, this particular neckline by itself is a pleasure to view. You can get innovative with your dresses and try out various kinds of salwar and jeans to get your high-neck Kurti.


When you have a thin face, this neckline is a perfect choice since it stresses the organized jawline. It also helps make you look higher which has achieved a reach among women who have the smaller side. Even so, it must be prevented by those who want to deemphasize their midsection. Long A-line or straight cuts, sleeveless, front or side slits

13. Bright Halter Kurti Neck Designs

A halter neck pertains to a neckline that is preserved place by a band that goes around the neck. Halter necks had been brought to Indian cultural wear using saree blouses, frequently flaunted by superstars such as Mandira Bedi. The creation of halter neck Kurtis is pretty current. Nowadays, this latest Kurti neck design is one of the famous options for party wear Kurtis. Although a halter-neck Kurti will not be perfect for office wear, it’s ideal for functions.


Women who have slim arms can show this style easily. This kind of Kurti words of flattery all thin face shapes completely. This neckline appears many attractive with long or moderate-length sleeveless Kurtis.

14. Dazzling Sheer /Lace Kurti Neck Designs

A different perfect option for parties, this particular neck design has a sort of Western impact on Indian cultural wear. It is seen as a high or medium-rise where the top portion of the neckline is replaced by lace or sheer fabric. This kind of Kurti neck design is a more sophisticated pattern and it has been rarely affecting recent years.


This neck design functions superbly for many body kinds and face designs. This neck design works best for Indo-western Kurtis or floor-length gowns. The bottom of this neckline should essentially be a sweetheart design. It is best to prevent jewelry since the neck design by itself provides oomph to any dress. An easy clutch and a set of buttons should do the secret

15. Spectacular Button-down Kurti Neck Design

The simple neck design for Kurts is excellent for office wear or casual events. Combined with a prestige waistline or waist-high front slit or even each, this neck design can be utilized in the casual along with party wear Kurti. You can view how a button-down neckline is a focus on of Sara Ali Khan’s beautiful outfit in the image under.

Oval and heart-shaped faces and folks having an hourglass or pear-shaped physique can choose this neckline. Full-length Kurtis along with front slits, mid-length straight Kurtis, prestige line Kurtis

16. Astonishing Asymmetric Kurti Neck Designs

As the name indicates, the interpreting element of this kind of neck design is one side appears distinctive from the other. Fairly non-traditional in ethnic wear, this neckline uses no described guidelines, which leaves room for analysis. The images under display the most styling Kurti designs with asymmetrical necklines. Based on the style, any fabric can be utilized for asymmetric necklines.

People who wish to highlight the decolletage ought to choose this style. A very carefully selected design will emphasize your most complementary attributes. The size of the Kurti could be long or short however it ought to be also. This neckline works best along with an A-line or straight Kurtis but as mentioned previously, diverse types can be attempted to make distinctive patterns

17. V-Neck Kurti

Our list will not be finished devoid of the famous V-neck design! This easy neck design has become incredible with the ages now, we have many choices in words of detail, size, and adornment. In particular, in the image under, the Kurti has a neck design that includes a deep V-neck with a collar. Another sort of this design of Kurtis is Anushka Sharma’s famous red Kurti from the film ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’. This neckline is quite successful for office wear and formal Kurtis.

The V-shape makes the optical influence of the pointed torso and thin shoulders. Thus it may help you for women who are on the chubbier part or who have broad shoulders. As it works for many face designs, it can make softer the jawline to have an oblong or square-shaped face.

Inside over collection, we have integrated the modern styles in Kurti neck designs and outlined the unique elements of each fashion. Even so, style by itself is not confined to present styles. It continues innovating after a while and is used by each specific according to their ideas. Having a little creativity and ingenuity, you could develop your distinctive design which can ultimately influence other folks. The aim, of course, is not really to suit in but for prominent.